Monday, 9 May 2011

Good day. This is my message for you. I am looking for stable relations.

That, I kid you not, was an email that today bypassed the usually excellent spam filter.
I love it.
I'm wondering if she'd care to clarify.
So far as I'm aware, most of my relatives could fairly be described as "stable", I could send her a few of those.
A couple are a bit wobbly.
Old age and hips in one, booze in another. Ooh yes... and the much older cousin who went loopy, and stayed loopy.

Or is she, perhaps, harbouring an unhealthily equine paraphilia?

My mystery spammer claims to be russian, yet goes by the name 'Maria Fox', and emails from a time zone closer to Ohio than Sverdlovsk.
Well, 'Maria', I wish you all the hay you can chomp

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