Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Interesting: Man Films Japan Quake as the Ground Cracks Beneath his Feet.

He stays remarkably calm. Mind you, he's a lot likelier to be safe where he is than amongst buildings.
Most quake videos show office furniture falling over, ceilings breaking loose. This interested me far more, showing, in real-time, ground fissures opening and closing.
And liquefaction. Where apparently solid ground liquefies and flows, where water is squeezed out of the earth.
In the comments on youtube, people say "I'd have run away!" Where to, I wonder?
The quake areas are sufficiently large that running or driving is fairly irrelevant. all you can do is wait for it to end. or like this guy, observe it keenly, in a fairly detached sort of way.
Such a contrast to the usual "Gosh! Wow!" school of youtube videoist.


  1. He is filming something fascinating- has this ever been filmed before?
    To capture something on film, that may have only been described in words..

  2. I couldn't find anything equivalent.
    there are a few of the Christchurch quake, with liquefaction, mud welling up out of the ground, but this is the first time I've seen close-up, the ground opening and closing during a quake.
    literally beneath the camera-holder's feet!

  3. Amuddalite? Feeling any better?
    How's the cold doing?
    I prescribe whisky.


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