Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'm Dog-Tired.

Not recovered from my christmas/new-year flu.
I'm normally a nocturnal creature, go to bed in the small hours, but so far this week, three days back at work, and a lot of work to be done, I'm exhausted when I get home. Early to bed, and out like a light.
10:20 now, and I'm away to my sleep. (I fell asleep a bit whilst writing the previous post). I'll get back into the real world soon, honest.


  1. Poor Sobriquet! Get well soon.

  2. Take it easy man! The weariness from such bugs takes weeks to leave you.

  3. I'll try not to moan too much, but I confess I'm very fed up with it all.
    Had a flu immunisation, at start of winter too. sigh. Roll on spring!

  4. Look after yourself!

    Listen to Adullamite.

  5. I'm starting to worry about you.


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