Wednesday, 1 December 2010


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  1. hmmm... if you get some interesting results from that temp, you'll never be able to duplicate it

  2. How do you find if the pots waiting to be bisqued have frozen or not?

    If they have I've got a load of reclaiming and making to do

  3. Two thermostat posts in one day?

    Then, of course, I don't know what -4 C is. Boiling?

    Wait. Zero is freezing, right? What a silly scale. 32° is much more logical for a freezing point, I'm sure you'll agree.

    So it was really frozen when you decided to fire it? Cool.

  4. I don't know why I try to comment on your pot'ry posts. Just blind loyalty, I guess.

  5. Jim: I'm thinking of putting Ice Cream in there.


    gz:Umm. well, I suppose it depends on the water content. If they were fairly dry, they'll probably be okay, leather hard? Not a good outlook. How do you tell?
    I suppose bunging a sample in a warm oven might work.
    If the temperature in the work area is below zero, then they're frozen.

    Max:Last night, about fifteen miles away was -2 degrees Fahrenheit. Thats about -19 degrees C
    The kiln at -4 degrees C.=24.8 degrees F.

    Keep up with the loyalty. There are medals, you know.


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