Tuesday, 7 December 2010

She said "No you cannot see, Oh no you cannot see- my naked body."

This song, this song in particular, reminds me of summer evenings, sitting on the porch of the little yellow house, watching the sun setting, with a plate of food, a bottle of beer, a couple of good friends, all of us lazing, dreaming, and Leonard Cohen  singing in the candle-lit house behind us.


  1. But you can talk dirty to me... especially if it's red!

  2. Leonard Cohen? No way. It looks like him but the voice can't be his. The words sound like something his devious poet brain could spew, but not the sound of his voice. Maybe this was before he had his cojone transplant?

    THIS is Leonard Cohen.

    Well, yours wasn't bad either. Just didn't sound like him.

  3. RDG....? You wish for me to discuss grime?


    I like to listen to Leonard Cohen, I like content, I like songs which have meaning, which tell a story, as opposed to songs with a few catchy, meaningless, oft repeated lines.
    Leonard Cohen is intense. I first heard him in the early seventies, when he played at the Isle of Wight music festival, a big deal in its day, a Woodstockian vibe.
    Who the hell's this? I thought, What's this? This isn't rock...
    (I wasn't at the fest, but the music got radio time)...
    Anyway, I wasn't ready for him then, and I also thought Dylan to be a whining bore.
    Time goes by though. Living in a little house in the woods, oh yes, almost Walden Pond... but more remote... i started to listen more carefully, I travelled with Dylan, marvelled at his use of words.
    that prepared me better for Leonard Cohen, whose music I was reintroduced to in the early eighties, by friends. I like the somewhat monotone dlivery of his poetry, and those sweeter female voices, sugaring, just a little, his acid.

  4. Yes! Talk grimy, gritty dirt to me. Tell me about sinking your hands into wet clay, squishing and squashing and pinching. Tell me about making mud pies and how it feels to slide slip over skin ... i know you can do this. btw - i liked avalanche better.

  5. love leonard, i agree... good lyrics are essential (at least in songs written in english). i've been listening to buika and like van morrison said about solomon burke... she could sing the phone book. of course since my spanish is lacking, she could be singing the same meaningless pop drivel as some american pop vocalists but... i can't tell, only the voice of a goddess. your comment made me think you'd like the decemberists a lot... did i mention them before to you? that guy has some stories.


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