Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Strolling Around Oxford on a November Evening

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  1. I have an apartment in Oxford lined up for a future trip (dependent on the value of the euro of course). I'll hit you up for travel tips.

  2. Ooh
    An apartment! You must know the right people. Euros are no good to you here, you'll need pounds.
    Right now, in Ireland, Greece, and a few other places, the euro's not doing too well.
    In fact, about fifty dollars would probably buy half of Dublin and a medium sized town in Greece.
    Wait a month and you'll get all of Ireland for that.

    My travel tips regarding Oxford aren't so current. I'm the muppet who went to Oxford a year ago, or so, hoping to go to the Ashmolean Museum, to find it was shut in a very big way, during a major building scheme. So, on monday, I divert my journey home from London via Oxford, as I've heard the Ashmolean, in all its new splendour, has reopened.
    Guess what day of the week it doesn't open?

    Hence a night in a 16th century pub by a misty, frosty river. Last time I was in this pub was about thirty years ago. It was better then.
    I am not an expert on the local pubs any more. I'd thought of staying at the White Hart at Fyfield, but when I got there it was dark, and had scaffolding up one wall.


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