Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Dark Room

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  1. :-)
    I like it!
    I assume that you no longer have the lurgy?!

  2. Only lightly lurgied now. The office at my place of work has it now. Every evening we drag the bodies out and bury them in shallow pits.

    As for the dark, I have a cunning plan. Dark is abundant during the coming winter nights, I'm working on ways to compress and condense dark, and store it in my cellars.
    In midsummer, my forethought will make me a very rich man indeed. I plan to sell Dark in cylinders, rather like those that oxygen, acetylene, and their gaseous pals come in.

    Think of it: Imagine you waking early, too early in July, and your eyelids are illumined by that early morning sun, which penetrates curtains and torments the weary sluggard.
    No more! just reach out a hand, twist the valve on the bedside cylinder, and release a roomful of peaceful, shadowy, dark.

    Photographers will purchase it.
    Sellers of luminous novelties will love it.
    And I will be richer than Croesus.

  3. What have you been smoking in that dark room?

  4. I smoke nothing. I'm a fairly fervent non smoker.
    People around me breathe the fumes of various combusted weeds, but me? I never felt it enhanced anything, my head is already full of the bizarre.

  5. I like it!
    I take it this is an Irish sign.....?


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