Thursday, 18 November 2010

Bicycle Parkour

And some of the beauty of Scotland, thrown in for free.


  1. My word, what a film. Made my heart race, crazy buggers!

  2. It's scary stuff. He makes it look easy, but gravity never sleeps.

    I've never seen anyone else even close to his level, and I've seen european championships...

  3. Yes, Adullamite, there's always a part of me that says that, for he does, no doubt, cause damage, as do those lads who swarm amazingly over buildings, those who rattle around our town centre on skateboards.
    But more than that theres respect for his skill, for his daring, I'm sure there are many kids on bikes who try stunts, few though who'd leap the wall below the one o'clock gun.
    The lad's a pyrate! Though he may hang, I'll raise a glass to him.


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