Thursday, 30 September 2010


There's a disturbing trend in women's clothing. Now, ladies, you've all seen men in overtight jeans, or Speedos.*
You know; the ones that give you too much information?

Anyway, in recent times, there's been a disturbing rise in the female equivalent. It was a while ago, I was at the pub with my pal Ken the box, and he was dispassionately eyeing the barmaid "Mumblers.", he said. "What?" "Mumblers, she's wearing mumblers."
I looked blankly at him. "Elucidate".
"Mumblers, " he repeated... Those pants.... I can see her lips move but I'm not sure what she's saying".
Ladies. Please!
It's not a good look.
Well, I suppose if you work in the "Spearmint Rhino" bar it might be de-rigeur business-wear, or handy if you're a russian nymphet hoping to snag a seventy-year-old industrialist.

*Australians have a name for tight Speedos, -'Budgie Smugglers"


  1. The official name for these are cameltoes if you'd like to google. Don't.

  2. Max:- Hm. Why not "pigstrotters"?

    I see you have made a study of the subject. And obviously you've googled, because you know enough to warn me not to.

    I was thinking, re the picture... I sometimes, whilst working, tuck a pencil behind my ear. She has a further option.

  3. you could throw a saddle on that cameltoe and ride her through the sahara! xxx

  4. RDG: Then the camel would get sand in between its toes, it might not like that...

  5. I guess you're saying she'd have 'grit in her gears' ... MWAHAAAAAAA!xxx

  6. aah, the now famous cameltoe... it's an entire genre of web surfing. maybe it's an issue of which came first, the chicken or the egg. all these cameltoe web sites need new pictures so why not start a fashion trend to provide them. the podiatrists are raking in the plantar fasciitis money thanks to nike.


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