Sunday, 25 July 2010

You Know How...?

You know how you're driving along and you notice, on the mileometer that it's about to hit a load of noughts?
Well, a while ago, active-meter  said this blog was heading that way.... just as with the car, you look away, get distracted, and the moment's gone. Yep. the blog rolled over the hundred thousand mark a few days ago, and I failed to notice.

Now, I know some bloggers get that in a fraction of the time, but I'm just bewildered that a hundred thousand visitors have been by, when I've still got no idea what this blog is about or why.
Thanks for visiting, whoever you are. Most of you have just googled "Youtube not working in firefox", or "tractor porn".
Hey, whatever floats your boat, that's fine. I'm sorry about the disappointment for you tractor-porn searchers, maybe I should post an image that almost lives up to the title.

There, that's a nice, innocent, image.
From the North Devon Young Farmers Club calendar, via The Daily Mail. Whilst looking for a pic to post..... ohhhh I saw things that seared my eyeballs. Don't. Just don't image-search tractor porn. Or if you do, don't blame me. That girl on the bulldozer? what's that about?


  1. Well done. Congratulations!

  2. Congrats on the blog numbers.
    I like to visit your blog because it's entertaining, sometimes informative & you seem to be a nice person.

  3. Nag: Well done? It's mystifying though. If you figure out what it's all about, please do let me know...
    (random info: my sister and her husband will be visiting Niagara, next week, as part of his anniversary present to her, {on the american side though}.)
    I try to be entertaining, sometimes informative, just because my mind collects all sorts of random stuff, like information dust-bunnies, and I blog bits of it because it's harder for people to groan and tell me to shut up.
    The highest waterfall in England is underground... See, there's another useless bit of information.
    I am a nice person. Well, of course I'd say that.

    Adullamite. Yes, nice tractor.
    Glad you noticed.


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