Sunday, 20 June 2010

Zombie Dogfish!

"Nothing to do with Arbroath" is a blog i visit on a regular basis, full of odd news stories and strange happenings, always good for a laugh...
Today, there was this youtube video. I've no doubt it will spread around the web. But believe me, it's freaky. If you were planning to eat fish today, you might be better not watching.

Me? I never eat fish. I'm allergic to them. Seriously, badly, hospital with flashing blue lights and sirenly. So I'll never have to decide whether to eat a zombie dogfish. Woof.

Go to the link for part 2 of the video, resurrection, an hour later.


  1. hi soubriquet, damn those things put mexican jumping beans to shame. talk about the will to live.

  2. FREAK ME OUT!!!! I'll have the baked potato please. xxx

  3. Ummm! We are looking at fish. Get a grip! What a bunch of pussies! :)

  4. Jim, I've never seen a jumping bean, are they scary?
    RDG: Can I share your potato? I'll bring the salad.
    Rita:( Looking at fish? Bleeurgh. I suppose fishivores may feel differently about fishies, but to me, a dogfish is an ugly enough thing with its clothes on, even if it didn't insist on trying to swim long after its death.
    ...I'd have probably looked in the bin for its head, skin and guts, and tried to reassemble it..... Nah. maybe not. It might be seeking zombie dogfish revenge.


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