Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Cosmic Crayon Company


I keep an assortment of nuts and bolts in these boxes. I'm assuming they're about a hundred years old.

Ha! I just discovered the Cosmic Crayon Company was founded in 1903, and bought out by Crayola in 1958.
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  1. I want a box of COSMIC CRAYONS !!!! (heavy on the red, please ......!)

  2. This reminded me of a post I wrote on a old blog of mine back in Oct. of 2006 concerning
    this site and a glaring error in the first sentence. Can you spot it?
    Anyway I e-mailed them back in 2006, pointed out their mistake & told them I was boycotting Prang crayons until they fixed it. Someone emailed me back & promised to take care of it. I see The "mistake" is still there! I am still boycotting Prang Crayons.

    Lovely wooden boxes. They look like they'll last another 100 years.

  3. RDG: Cosmic! Like WOW, man.

    Rita: Got it! They spell "colour" wrongly?

    Isaac Newton made a colour wheel in 1666. Which, incidentally was the year of the Great Fire of London.

  4. Bingo!
    Louis Prang did NOT invent the color wheel!
    It shouldn't bother me so much that the incorrectness(?) is allowed to remain uncorrected, really is annoying when people mess with the truth in such a blatant way.

  5. don't forget 'GROOVY', man ...

  6. Oh man, beyond groovy, dig?
    So far out, oh man, ripples in the cosmos, ohhhh swirling swirling swirling, coruscating, even, like wow, hey, groovy chick, wanna climb into my veedub bus and cruise, skipping over the sprinkled stars, to the crinkled cusps of the quintessential cosmos?
    Oh, maaaaaaan, like, y'know, wow.

  7. a stellar list! i'm really tripping now, man ...xxxx

  8. What your box originally contained was a gross (144 sticks) of blackboard chalk. They called them crayons back then. They used these dovetailed boxes up into the late 1920s and then switched over to tins which were lighter and more cost effective. The tins lasted until WWII when they needed the metal. After that they used more traditional cardboard/hardboard solutions. I have many different boxes of vintage Cosmic crayon boxes on my website at Sadly, even the Crayola factory closed in Bedford in December, 2003. They still operate their European Headquarters there but no longer make any crayons there. It was a good 100 year run though.


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