Friday, 21 May 2010

Donor Sperm

It is my impression that this service is widely available. Free. Just ask the nearest man.
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  1. I suppose it is the equivalent of a packaged frozen meal. Some people can't do the preparation and cooking that comes first.....

  2. Packaged, frozen...?
    And I thought there was a shift in society's values towards fresh and organic.

  3. Hows progress?
    (just done another bisque)

  4. Just finished firing no 2....
    currently at 1160 and cooling.
    First firing was, disappointing. cone 9 fully down, yet glazes looking underfired, so have refired most of it.

    I know, I know the public want colour, but it all looks a bit like a B&Q paint catalogue. If I had somewhere rural to work, it'd be salt firing for me, i think. I just like making stuff, I hate glazing. Especially with thimblefuls. mutter mutter mutter....
    And, chances are, I won't get to crack it open until about six p.m. tomorrow. The firing was supposed to be over last night, but, but, I misprogrammed it and it hung at 150 degrees, until I went in expecting it to be at about 1100 at 5:30 this morning. Stupid me. Blah!

  5. I'd like something out of the village-preferably on the mountain!
    No yobs and cars at 1.30 am, air you can breathe, no unpleasant neighbours!!
    Also a kiln shed that would be big enough that I don't get worried as it cools down, or when I do glaze firings....

    Like my Dad said...PlanA, win the lottery.....Plan B, go to work on Monday....


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