Sunday, 2 May 2010


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  1. its like, Jules Vernish, I loved his books and their illustrations!

  2. I have a book of victorian inventions... I'll start scanning them in soon.

  3. aah, the romance of caissons... the umbilical cord is confusing though

  4. Jim, I thought it was a diving bell, but caisson makes more sense, the scary thought about that umbilical is that if somebody opened the valve..... eek.
    Roebling? no, I refuse to look it up, Brooklyn bridge I think, they used caissons to excavate the bridge piers, and i think there was an accident where roebling senior died of caisson fever.... otherwise known as the bends. They had no idea why caisson workers got terrible pains and died.....
    Just that short caisson shifts were safer than long ones.


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