Thursday, 18 March 2010

Strange Happenings in the Stables

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  1. GARY !!! how ye besmirch me! she looks like she's been 'whipped' pink, poor lady ....

  2. I can't help but notice, their tails don't match their mane.

  3. Gary: I mist clarify, it's not me in the driving seat, there, and if RDM was out there trotting with another guy, there'd be some serious questions asked....
    Nope. It's not her... but it just might be her sister!!!!!!!

  4. RDG:-)Besmirch? Whipped Pink?
    I'm sure that smirchment will come off with a little soap and warm water.

    As for "whipped pink", I'm sure she's from a responsible stable, where such things are frowned upon. I prefer to surmise she's steamy from a brisk trot.

  5. Max: Relax!There'll be more po'try, pottery, poetry, but I like to vary the content... Oh, alright then, I admit it, sometimes I'm lazy too, and I do seem to like posting silly pictures.
    I fail at sustained intellectuality, I confess. If I'd been a monk in a mediaeval scriptorium, I'd have been the one in trouble for making gliders out of my parchment, or making farting noises behind the abbot's back.

  6. Mac: A gentleman would always pretend not to notice!

    Ladies, we know the hair on your head isn't naturally that colour, and yes, we do... um.. notice..
    but we learn, in "how to be a gentleman" class, not to comment, or even raise an eyebrow...
    Unless, of course, you've really gone outrageously green, or pink, or zebra-striped. In which case we're rolling on the floor, laughing!
    Mac must have been out of class, that day.


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