Sunday, 28 March 2010

Into the Archives. and First Bisque Firing!!!

Up early on saturday, across town to get into my basement store before the road closes, (they're resurfacing it after the frosts destroyed it), I'm rummaging, because I know there are some unfired pieces, wrapped in newspaper, and this weekend... ta-----daaaa! I intend the ceremonial first firing of my kiln.
I thought of doing a full scale dry-fire test, but hey, let's do russian roulette, put everything in and throw caution to the winds!

No greenware in this box, but a few promising platters.

I did find them eventually, I'd totally forgotten that I had a few teapots in there.

And in particular a BIG teapot. Oh I love teapots.

Next comes the kiln packing. Awkward, as I only have the one shelf.. Damn. Next tuesday I'll get some more, but that's my first opportunity. So, stack the big things as carefully as possible, and start inserting the smaller pieces. It's like a pit-firing but without the cushioning effect of fuel. May get a few breakages.
fingers crossed, phew. Update tomorrow....


  1. Eagerly anticipating the next update :D

  2. soubriquet, those are some beauties. i love the glamour shot of the pots piled in the kiln and the big teapot is lovely. i also like the wavy slip trail on the plate that doesn't meet up to it's beginning.

  3. gz, Updated!

    Jim, "Glamour shot" I like that!, though in reality, it's more like one of those pics in the "How to Do It" books, showing how not to.

    The wavy slip trail? I'd like to pretend that not meeting up was deliberate.


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