Monday, 29 March 2010

From long ago

This was a stack of bowls,separated by clay wads, made from the field clay from behind the pottery, in southern Finland, they were too close to the flame path, and warped and fused. The flame was slightly reduced, too, you can see where there is a broken fragment the red iron in the clay has become black, Fe2O3 becomes Fe3O4. And reduction has a strong fluxing effect on red clay.

I rather like this thing, pity about the broken bit though. The bloke I know who'd understand why I like this is Matt Grimmitt.
Hey Matt! What's going on? no posts for a while?

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  1. i know it's a mistake but i like it anyway... good to have those kind of artifacts lying around

  2. Jim, it has been my good fortune to stomp around sites of ancient kilns, and find fragments of kiln wasters in the earth of ploughed fields. Matt has a collection of such bits, rims of bowls, pulled handles, reminders of hands that formed clay hundreds of years ago. It sends a shiver down my spine.
    I like the organic shape of these bowls, melted in the fire.


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