Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Brain, Female.

Amazing, Isn't it, that you can get 900 of them in such a small carton.
(Nice to know  they're recyclable).
And that the instruction manual is unfathomably translated from mandarin.
The page for 'mapreading' is missing, but 'shoes' is a fifty-page pull-out,
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  1. i bet you had to minimize this photo ALOT ..... cause that looks suspiciously like a HUGE CARTON !!

  2. Oh no. Not at all. It's an ordinary size carton. The items in it are all about the size of half a walnut, and almost unused......

    Except, when you get close, you can hear a sort of sigh, and a jumble of words, "shoes, chocolate, oh, pink! cheesecake, shoes,"


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