Friday, 26 February 2010

Sometimes, a Bit of Encouragement is Needed

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  1. hi soubriquet... this is my fave of the recent ones. maybe if the directions were required to be on these, the banes of my existence with their wackers and blowers wouldn't exist and maybe even when the aliens landed there would be less plump victims out and about

  2. I actually think they need a redesign.
    sexier colours, more buttons and levers...

    No. In reality, I agree with you. All too often the powered devices are noisy, dangerous, and overall, no faster than just getting a brush, shovel, hoe, or saw out of the garage.
    (Hoe: A garden or farm tool used for weeding. This is not Pittsburgh).

    Furthermore... If we all used the manual tools, we'd be fit enough to chase those aliens back to their saucers, and send them off home in a a panic.


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