Sunday, 14 February 2010

On the Difficulties of Visiting One's Valentine.


  1. Mwahaaaaaaaaaa!!! though i'd be quite happy to be in the same country.....and wouldn't waste any more of your time - i'd turn my skirts into a parachute and jump down into your waiting arms ......!!!!!!

  2. Oh. I see, Your room's such a mess you won't let me into the castle tower?

  3. you two cute little sweethearts :)
    btw, the phone, david, is a 1936 item, used everyday, and is old enough that the ringer is in a seperate box on the floor--we have another, slightly older, from the late 1930s, also works, but the first to have an internal ringer AND we have hundreds of fountain pens, all working, some well over 100 years old, and dozens of pocket watches, ditto :) we love certain old items---when ya'll comin' to visit???

  4. ye-owww- eee, yikes! you figured out my secret .... !!!!!!!


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