Saturday, 6 February 2010

Found in the Attic, from 1795

(As usual, click to embiggen.)


  1. That crap is a picture of an apprenticeship indenture, whereby Mary Gomersal, a pauper of the parish, is apprenticed to Isaac Gant until she reaches the age of twenty-one.
    That piece of paper sets out the conditions and duration of the apprenticeship, the duties and rights and obligations of both parties.
    It's history.

  2. One thing leads to another found you through issac button read all your pot posts very entertaining just bought my first bag of clay to pot with in 12 yrs last week, have been warily peering at my old shimpo wheel skulking in a corner of my workshop there is a stirring and a sense of the (bi)cyclic nature of things! Thanks for sharing .

  3. Him?
    That's a neat thing to hear! Isaac Button is my hero.
    So I'm not the only lapsed potter then... That image of warily peering at the skulking Shimpo made me laugh, you're going to have to go in after it with a pointed stick to keep it at bay until you can re-establish your pack-leader stautus. Careful though, I've heard a cornered Shimpo will leap at your throat if you drop your guard.

    I'm also impressed that you hunted the pot posts down, as I'm really bad at tagging and labelling posts.
    Good luck, I'll check out your blog tomorrow!

  4. Well, that's a pretty interesting find. I wonder if she made it to age 21. Or if she feared God.

  5. What an interesting discovery. One can only hope all went well for poor Mary...

  6. Spammer HXR, you have been reported for spamming and terms of use violation.
    I hope they shut you down.

  7. Isaac and his wife were known for their philanthropy. I've not really sought more about Mary, but I'd surmise that she was lucky there.

  8. I am so happy about that. It is so Harlequin romantically...
    Ha ha!

  9. Rita? I didn't understand that. Harlequin?

    Or did you translate the chinese spammer?
    These spammers obviously think that my blog is frequented by mandarin readers. Still, i delete them, curse them in a way that will give them a future of fear and pain, their nights stalked by demons. I think perhaps they don't read the warning to spammers in my sidebar, or maybe they don't believe it.
    Oh. And I report them every time too.

  10. As I don't have chinese or japanese script enabled on the computer, I failed to note it was actually a japanese spammer, not a chinese one.
    But, spammer, you're still reported.
    Don't come back.

  11. I can never read that sort of script using f for s without thinking of the Vicar of Dibley episode where Alice reads from the bible.

    Harlequin = Mills & Boon.

  12. Ah. Harlequin.
    Mills and Boone?
    I see. It's a girl thing then?

    I'm still no wiser.
    I found some old postcards from the early 1900s in the same crate. And letters. Next time there's a rainy day when I'm not busy, I'm going to go have a read.

  13. Also called "bodice-rippers", or the publishers answer to Big Macs, "juicy, cheap, predictable, and devoured in stupifying quantities by legions of loyal fans." What I meant was, I was happy to think that perhaps every thing turned out for poor Mary.


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