Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Leon Redbone


  1. soubriquet... i believe you're a man after my own heart... leon redbone! when i was in grad school in montana, my roommate and i got a'hold of some of those blue stem shrooms and after gallivanting for a couple hours came in and turned the tv on and leon redbone was on for some reason. i was spellbound and never really got over it. he was a revelation, a man who had taken his own path exhibiting extraordinary talent. i can still picture him on that 12" black and white tv.

  2. Where I first heard Leon Redbone, was at a friend's house which was where I also first heard Tom Waits..
    We'd go out in the evenings in kayaks, surfing the wakes of the big Baltic ferries, and scaring ourselves silly... then back to the little yellow house, for beers and music, until it was time to wander into town to flirt with the summer tourist girls.
    Leon Redbone, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Led Zepp, the Stones, Joan Armatrading, soundtrack of summer in the islands.


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