Friday, 15 January 2010

Another Day.

I start early, these days, just getting to work is tricky enough, as the salt has run out, roads are not cleared... We're trying to keep our sites cleared, but, well, put it this way, I fall asleep not long after I get home, and I've no energy left to think of anything much.

Recently.... somewhat of a thaw, taking away a lot of snow, then a hard freeze, then rain and freeze again. Imagine a world surfaced with a layer of slippery ice. Ambulance services reported their busiest day in decades on tuesday. I lost count of the people I saw fall, and the cars and vans I saw crash.

And the buses sliding sideways? and the taxi that landed on a factory roof?
Even the highway gritters weren't immune, at least three slid off the road in my area.
Wish me luck, time to do battle with the ice again. Back in ten or twelve hours.

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  1. Imagine a world filled with slippery ice? I don't have to, I live in it.

  2. I don't envy you. At least I don't envy you driving on the ice.

  3. Phew! It went...
    But it's due back on wednesday.
    The snow, that is, we had a thaw, and rain over friday night, even had temperatures with degrees above freezing, positively tropical feeling to go out in the morning and not have to scrape ice off the windows.

    Work's van, bless its little cotton socks, has a heated screen. Oh how I love that, get in, turn the key, push the switch and watch the snow and ice slide off, effortless.
    Bear in mind that my own transport is somewhat simpler, and for many years, my everyday car dated from 1962. For a few years, my everyday car was a 1956 Land Rover. It had no roof. Not a metal one, not a canvas one. I just had to dress appropriately. I rigged a heavy canvas to cover the back, and loosely over the passenger side, and fitted (for it did not have one as standard) a heater. The official heater was about 8 inches in diameter, and three inches deep. Under my canvas, its trivial output was a positively sybaritic delight. My knees would defrost!

  4. Most of our snow is gone - and just last week we had Blizzards in Germany. Weather patterns are a mess ...


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