Saturday, 30 January 2010

More by Tanita.

I found this on Ms Tikaram's own blog,   (Yes, blogspot... i found that whilst wondering what she's doing these days...  just completed another album, which I look forward to hearing.)
She says "I was delighted by this version of "Twist in My Sobriety" played by young Guitarist Sungha Jung. I’m a bit jealous too, he plays it much better than me and I wrote it !!"

He plays amazingly well,  but differently, his rendition is a bit more sharp-edged, where hers was mellow, I like mellow.


  1. I've been following that little guy for a while. He plays amazingly for his tender age :-)

  2. speaking of all this, how is the Mule these days?

  3. Mac:
    This was the first I'd seen of him, but I watched some more of the many videos, yes, he's got an amzing skill there, he stumbles in places, which disarms me, it shows that he's working at it, it wasn't handed to him on a plate. I, sadly, was put off learning to play piano by a heavy-handed teacher when I was about eight. I wish I could pick up a guitar and bring music out of it like he does.
    Or even ten per-cent as well as he does.

    Gary: Top secret! A message will come to you in the usual way. Look in the hollow tree where the trail branches, be sure you are not observed.......


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