Saturday, 19 December 2009

Great Video, Shame About the Song.

I loved the graphics. I've been interested in this sort of 3D cutaway illustration since I was a kid, and had a book showing fold-out pages of cutaway drawings of ships through the ages.
Dorling Kindersley used to publish, (maybe still does), books of cutaways, castles, cars, cows...

Dorling Kindersley's Offices.

As for the music... Yawn. um. Yawn.
Sad really. The video's far better than the sounds it's designed to support.

Ooh! another. By H5 Studios.

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  1. love that animation... one of my previous business was a 3D computer graphics company, of course that was in the late 80's when computing power was pathetic comparatively. it's a cool idea except maybe the people should've been fatter considering their industrial food production... funny that it ends with a beer, i guess even in that pristine world it has to end with a beer.


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