Saturday, 5 December 2009

"Canned", and "Bread"

I recently read an article which quoted someone as describing himself as "The best thing since canned bread".
Sliced, surely?
But of course, the concept nagged at me and I now know that canned bread is a reality. Indeed, if you come from Maine, or from Japan, you're probably bemused by the fact that I'm bemused. As if I were wondering about canned beans, for instance.
Let it be duly recorded that prior to today, I had never heard of canned bread, nor did I ever ponder the possibility.
I understand that canned bread sells rather well, and that New Englanders feel lost without it, so it is exported to expatriates across the globe. It features regularly in SpongeBob cartoons. Survivalists stock it in their bunkers.
I shall not be purchasing any. I like my bread fresh, aromatic, warm inside, and crunchy on the outside. mmmm.
I rather think cylindrical bread in a can might not tick the boxes there. However, if you've ever had canned bread, do tell if it's as disgusting and rubbery as it sounds.


  1. SOUB! The original, of course, would be cooked at home from scratch, in a can that previously held something else :) Just using a can as a baking pan, you see?

  2. Hmmm, he says, doubtfully.
    I think it's the act of putting a lid on it, and keeping it for three or so years that troubles me most.
    Do tell, have you ever partaken of this?

  3. Ahhhh!!!

    I just read Gary's recent post, about his wife running for senator in New Hampshire. I bet senatorial candidates get free canned-bread, from canned bread magnates, seeking pork-barrel policies to protect the home-grown canned-bread industries against foreign competition, those japanese zaibatsus that make heavy earthmovers, car radios, headphones, submarines, and canned bread.

  4. i'm nonplussed that i've never heard of this... it sounds disgusting and i'm always looking to fill the disgusting end of the image continuum in my brain so as to push the moderately disgusting images more toward the center.

  5. Disgusting images.... i think that's what the interwebnetosphere exists for... google 1970's fashion ads, and modern home interiors of the 1950s for truly mind searing concepts.


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