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(reposted, from a photoset of three years ago)
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  1. I forgot who said it. But I like the old quote,
    "The only difference between Libertarians and Anarchists is, Libertarians have money."

    (I'm sure I should find out who said it before I post it, but I don't follow no stinkin' rules)

    Seriously, that is a funny sign.

    I've been thinking about putting a similar one in my bedroom at home. It reads,
    "I was a masochist. But I had to give it up - I was enjoying it too much."

  2. anarchy in the UK!

  3. Mac: That reminds me of the apocryphal letter to a newspapers agony-aunt... "Dear X, I'm into flagellation, necrophilia, and bestiality. Do you think I'm flogging a dead horse?"

    Gary: Yeah! There's a blast from the past!.... So I had to go listen then to the Clash, and the Stranglers.....
    I used to debate anarchy with my punk friends (I wasn't a punk).... My point was that in an anarchistic society, none of their records would exist, there'd be no power to amplify, no guitars to smash....
    That in a society where there was no law, no governance, where each was free to do their own will, where "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law", then the stronger would prey upon the weaker, that the weaker would have to band together, and ally themselves, in order to survive. That in order to survive, their group would need to plan, discuss, specialise, to defend, counter-attack, negociate, and thus become stronger than the strong, but by definition, leaderless anarchists.
    Anarchy contains the seeds of its own destruction. Anarchy means starvation, weakness, and, ultimately submission to those who develop co-operation, leadership, and governance.
    If the strong choose anarchy, then the nerds shall inherit the earth.

  4. It's a shame that anarchy wouldn't work - mean people would pervert it into a dictatorship.
    As your friends in Iceland would say "lifandi og láta lifandi", live and let live.
    Happy New Year (and belated anniversary wishes!)

  5. I was rebelling by not commenting. At first I thought you just didn't care, and then I realized you were retaliating. I am neither an anarchist or a libertarian. I wish to be an absolute monarch. Dictators have to work too hard.

  6. Relax, Max. It's a hard choice, being the antichrist or a librarian.
    I always thought the point of dictating was that it was easier than transcribing?
    Although I always thought only dwarves were good at short-hand.

    Still, being an absolute monarch has its detractions..
    "I could be bounded in a nutshell, and count myself king of infinite space, were it not that I have bad dreams". (Hamlet...act something, verse something else)


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