Friday, 6 November 2009

Squeeze-Box? -Just listen.

I've seen this guy here and there on the web. As far as I can divine, He's Alexander Hrustevich (Александр Хрустевич ), and he's from the Ukraine.
I'm no expert, as I can't play any musical instrument, and my singing is best kept in the bathroom, where at least I am appreciative, but looking around the interwebnet, the real musicians out there, the classically trained folk, the orchestral folk, and the soloists, there seems to be a consensus that what this lad is doing is exceptionally talented.
When I lived in Finland, I worked with a guy who had studied the piano-accordion, in Moscow, he was pretty good, but nowhere near this.
Don't let the tacky background fool you, this is not a schoolkid type performance.

If you want to hear more, youtube has quite a few other pieces.


  1. Well well well would you believe it? John spoke about working in someones pottery a few times. What a small world! The best shop manager you could ever hope to work for he was.
    I haven't spoken to him in a while but we occaisionally swap emails every now and again.
    Blooming scallies! Swines! I don't miss them.

  2. holy shite... i got chills, really i did.


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