Monday, 23 November 2009

Oh Boy....

This just makes me laugh. Miss Li is Linda Carlsson, from Borlange in Sweden, well, these days, apparently she's based in Stockholm.
Loopy as a bag of puppies, in a good way.
If you don't smile at this video, there's something badly wrong with you.

I stole it from Relax Max's blog, Clarity 2009 in order to spread it to my three readers.... Oh, sorry, both of you, uh.. Hey! come back!
Oh well, I'll just listen to it by myself then.

I'm sorry he's mine

Miss Li | MySpace Music Videos


  1. The reviewers say her lyrics are naive. I don't get it. Really? I don't think THEY get it, either. :)

    You may be ready for Bourgeois Shangri-La (which has now become music for an Apple Computer ad. So now she's rich already.)

  2. I'm really sorry, Soub. But she is just so damn addictive!

  3. The link to the song doesn't paste. The above link is imcomplete. I will type it in myself:

  4. Her lyrics are naive? Since when has that been a block to fame and fortune?
    She's infectiously funny and her band are funsters too.
    I like content, meaning, stories in songs, but that doesn't mean I can't also like songs which might be shallow.
    You're right, those reviewers don't get it at all.
    The Apple Ipod Nano ad viewers seem to love it, though, so she'll get the last laugh.

  5. I wanted to like her. I really did.

  6. Nag, I suppose the unspoken part of that sentence was not going to be in Ms Li's favour?

    Andi think she'd be so good singing at a burlesque....

  7. I want a bicycle and a flouncy skirt!
    I liked it :)
    Hi Soubry!

  8. You can have both, Gewels,
    Can you sing?


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