Thursday, 1 October 2009

An update, and a find.

I wrote before about making a house-portrait as a job in my potting days, here ,

Today, I was rummaging through my junk-store, and I found the half-scale test-piece.

(no slips or oxides on this one, just a clear glaze. The roof lifts off, to give access for a light fitting. Sorry about the dust, it's been hidden away for twenty years) : )


  1. that house is so cool... what a lot of work it must have taken. i actually like yours better than the original house. your downspouts are more romantic and the large pots outside in front and back lend a much more homey feel.

  2. The large pots was an unsubtle attempt to get the recipients, first owners of what was a truly unenspiring example of modern housebuilding, to buy big garden pots from me.
    It failed, but hey, I got the contract for the big squishy downspouts!

    Clay Houses.... Look up Nader Khalili, on google. I haven't, but i recall an article in Ceramics Monthly, about how he was building clay houses and firing them.
    Oh how sad! I googled him, Nader Khalili is no more, 1936-2008.


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