Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Today's Pots

Today's activity was bottle forms, 6-8" most of the time was spent wedging and reclaiming clay. Oh, and making turning tools.
At the weekend, I'll make a heap of glaze test pieces, even though I've got no glazes as yet. Nor a kiln power supply.
And I'll clean the wheel and throw some white stoneware test pieces. I've got a selection of clays to try.
And teapots, I must make more teapots, and... teacups, and saucers.
Ohhhhhhh, I need a huge lottery win or a mystery millionaire benefactor, so I can buy some old farm buildings in an idyllic setting, build a woodfire kiln, and settle down to making pots. I wouldn't bother with selling them, I just like making......
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  1. SOUB! You are super skilled, holy cats!
    Hey, where is RDM lately?

  2. It seems you have a pot obsession...

  3. i wonder how common that last paragraph's fantasy or variations of it are amongst the potters? when i read it, i was there. beautiful pots, i really like the chatter (no big surprise there) and am a big fan of the delineation between body and neck. when's the damn power supply gonna be hooked up?

  4. Gary! Hahahahaha! Thanks, I'd like to order a year's worth of ego-boosting comments, I'll pay ya later!

    RDM? She's snowed under with new job, pending house-move, kids, and more. She'll spring back, I'm sure, but right now the mule is wading through deep gloop.

  5. Rita: I do have a pot obsession, or more accurately, a potting obsession. I love squishing clay fresh from the ground, I love finding mediaeval potsherds in the furrows of a fresh-ploughed field, I love filling a kiln with roaring flame, I love that moment when you first crack the kiln door open after a firing, when it's still hot enough to flash-frizzle your hair if you get too close. Oh yes, I love it all.
    I first outed myself on the blog.... here :
    I'm bad at labelling and tagging blogposts, so it's hard to remember where things are.

  6. Jum. What do you mean to say? That's MY fantasy. Are you suggesting.... Oh horror!
    But yes. I know I'm not alone in it. The dream of a place free from the need to do drudge work to pay the bills, freedom to make things without thinking "I need to sell x-much this week, to cover the bills". I confess, it ground me down, making rent-paying easy-sellers.
    I envisage a little village, full of arty minded people, where everybody does their own thing, can collaborate if they like, there'd be good food and music, a quiet lake and a pondering tree, maybe a tourist trap happening place on main street, gallery, demos, courses in the summer.
    Sigh. I can dream, can't I?

    I'll order the electrics up tomorrow. I've got enough bisc ware to do a glaze firing already! (wrapped in newspaper from long ago).


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