Monday, 21 September 2009

A Re-Post, for Gary, "Love Will Tear us Apart, Again",

A Joy Division number, as covered by Outer Mongolia's Tuvan punk-rock throat singing star, Albert Kuvezin, and his band, Yat-Kha. From the album Re-Covers.

Listen to the other albums... If you ever get accused of having only mundane music tastes, Yat-Kha is the antidote!


  1. WOW!!!
    It's like a Russian Tom Waites with a serious frog in his throat!!
    I love it!
    I was lucky to see some Mongolian throat singers in my town a couple of years ago, but their songs were all about horses. I'm totally getting this album!

  2. Nice one! He's just dying to break into a bit of raghraghragh!


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