Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Latest Budget Airline News

Ireland's Ryanair is famous for it's cheap, no-frills approach to air travel. It was recently reported that they were considering a charge for using the toilet aboard their flights.
They charge for everything they can think of.
Grit in the Gears has been pondering the difficulties facing airlines, and has come up with this invention, which, it is hoped, will save millions of pounds when scaled up.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you saw it here first. No landing fees! A huge part of the cost of air travel is the landing fee charged by airports.

Using Professor Soubriquet's patent Aerial Ladder Embarc-Disembarc system, passengers can be landed and picked up without the plane ever touching the runway. Accuracy in lobbing the luggage is proving to be elusive, so we recommend you just wear all your clothes and stuff your pockets with the rest.
Bookings are now being taken.
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