Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Isaac Button Revisited

Note ! There is no sound on these videos, don't think your computer is broken!

Someone has posted more of the Isaac Button film to YouTube, I just love to watch this, Isaac's gentle demeanour, his calm, and his smile.

He lived at Soil Hill all his life, his father (Also named Isaac) purchased the pottery in 1893, and rebuilt the main buildings, Isaac junior worked there until 1965.


  1. you have to be impressed by anyone that can do that kind of work with a pipe in his mouth

  2. first saw that film 25 years ago when learning how to thorw and be a potter,just as good now as i remember it was he neary loses the cider jar when collering the neck,masterful potting.

  3. Amazing! And we call ourselves potters.


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