Friday, 2 January 2009

Dave Mows Grass... Belatedly birthdayed.

Over the holiday period, I hear Blogger Dave has had a birthday, and Red Dirt Mule is troubled that she forgot it.
Well, I'm a bloke, which gives me full immunity from needing to remember birthdays, but here, for you, Dave, is a little view of the future of grasscutting. -Grit in the gears, never less than awesome.. Um -except when less than awesome.
Happy new year anyway!


  1. Hiya Soub! I'm so glad you came to my party. Not a huge affair but I think everyone had a good time. My robot got so drunk he fell over after trying to mow the doghouse. Great stuff!

  2. I should have warned you about his liking for paint-stripper, thinners, and gasoline.
    tie his little robotty hands next time you put him away
    And put all flammable solvents out of reach.

  3. sorry guys. ran out of youtube coinage..... will have to wait until next month's quota comes in... but i'm sure it was an exciting ride - at least for you two! hope no one was burned seriously ...


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