Thursday, 11 December 2008

Extreme Car Testing no:2... Beach Assault With the Royal Marines.

Mr Clarkson's methods for testing a compact family car are rarely ever mundane...
(from BBC's "Top Gear").


  1. Which bit appeals to you most, Minxy?

  2. ok, so i watched after much agonizing time wasted waiting for a proper download. i DO love Top Gear, though it was Minxy's comment that drew me into this youTube spidery web.

    Ha. I know exactly which bits appeal to my dear friend. I'm not sure you'd understand, however, Sir Soubry.

  3. argghhhh

    i hate this fecking youTube stuff!

    as you already know:

    Steve of Bullet hole fame - is in the hospital. Diagnosed with acute diabetes (apparently not noticed during the last 6 months or so).

    If you get a chance, please stop by his blog and leave a well wish. And spread the word ...


  4. Heh, did you guess correctly, Dirty Mule? Driving around on the beach dodging a load of men in uniforms - whoo hoo!

  5. that's not ALL I SAW in my crystal ball, you naughty wench ... what happened to your bra whilst you were whizzing about?? and then the shirt ???

    no wonder the poor guys kept losing their sense of direction!!

    dodging. right. now tell me that story again ???

    naughty red mule

  6. You two are very naughty indeed.
    I fear the marines may never recover.

  7. Acute Diabetes? You ought to see me bum....
    Man, I need to get new specs cuz I don't know what you gals are seeing.
    Then,, we can put the "Me" in "Wii".

    Soub, thanks for the visits.
    Give it to 'em to the hilt, I say, to the hilt, ladies!

  8. Reminds me, Bulletholes of the dyslexic woman who smacked her doctor and knocked him out.

    When asked what he did to offend her, he said... I don't know, I told her the diagnosis was that she had acute angina...

  9. soubry

    that last remark is soooooo bad that i cannot even form a reply ....

    lame. lame. lame.

  10. I went to the bookstore yesterday, looking for a book on how to find the G-Spot.
    I couldn't even find the book.

  11. Umm, Royal Marines. The car is crap but the I do fancy fit men with adorable accents. Yes, I know, what accent?


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