Monday, 1 December 2008

An AWARD!!!!

Okay... I awarded it to myself.
"Because I'm worth it",
as that tiresome woman on the television keeps saying.


for website adequacy

Just about all the curry-house fliers I get through my letterbox seem to proclaim that they are Restaurant of the year, or have been awarded Best Asian Chef, or Best Fried Cat in Britain, or some such. I really do think they just create the awards themselves. Just like I would, if I was clever enough.

(Go on, click on the carrot and award yourself one!)

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  1. A more deserving site for such an Award I cannot imsagine!
    Now, how do I get me some o' dat cat?

  2. Didn't you click on the carrot?
    It takes you here...
    Where you can get the code to award yourself a carrot.
    In fact: I award you, Steve, the coveted "Carrot Award", for your services to Bloggery.

  3. Yeah, I clicked on it, but it didn't look like my kind of carrot...and I didn't see any way to "Customize" it.
    I ain't puttin up just any 'ol Carrot!
    But I do appreciate your support, Souby!
    Now, back to Scarin' me up some Kitty-cat...meow!

  4. followed the carrot from Boondoggled .....

    I've always wondered where all these 'blog' awards come from: who, what, when, WHY ???

    self promotion has to be the sincerest form of flattery ....

    snicker, snicker


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