Saturday, 8 November 2008

Heart Gears

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  1. The machinations of love! We had a turn-of-the-century gear hob at my machinist school. My instructor and guru-to-all-things posted something you might appreciate:

    Incredible gears, by the way, until they get clogged with grit!

  2. the heart goes wild
    spinning out
    shape twisted, contorted
    its very being unrecognizable
    time (and a handle) move the
    hands of life's clock
    gears fold back together
    hearts settle
    mended with a sigh

    fascinating and a wonderful metaphor .....

  3. Leave it to Red Toes to recognize the obvious metaphor. I was like Johnny Oblivious figuring out the gear ratios that would bring the whole shape back together in so many turns and I completely missed the point of the whole issue. I've always been better with gears than with hearts.

  4. dave,

    you are such a nitwit!

  5. Someone pass the 120 wt lube will ya!

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  7. Fur Queue, Uiyui, spammers are not welcome here. May your bowels become liquid, and your sphincter burn painfully.


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