Sunday, 28 September 2008

Update to banned poems

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I found this via? Anyway
I wish I could recall my tracks across the innertent, I really do... A link somewhere sent me here,
to see pics of a rather colourful "Back to School Knifepack". I think schools should emphasise the need for a set of colour co-ordinated knives, as part of any child's school kit.

The items are sold by Vons, which I understand is Safeway... Hm.. Very safe thinking... Anyway, they're in that safe packaging that lacerates you as you try to open it, unless you have a nice sharp knife from inside the packaging.
The pic linked was in Von's, Yorba Linda.
I have only a vague idea of where Yorba Linda is, without deploying Google earth. California, I think...
White Stripes, Hotel Yorba coming up if I can find it on Too Yube.....

I just resisted the temptation to add Zorba the Greek....
Oh Dammit! alright then....

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  1. Yorba Linda .... birthplace of our infamous in-peach of a president: Richard Nixon. Yep - it's on a sign welcoming you to the city. (lived near by a few lifetimes ago !)

    I still categorically refuse to open your YouTubes. I think it is blog cheating, personally. Pick up that pencil of yours, or those pecking fingers and write like the .... ASSam man that you are.

    btw: that Moby Dick clip was gruesome and grim (okay, I watched maybe ... 2 seconds of it ??)

    Here's a Mule Kick for ya! Now get to work ! I can see those post ideas swirling around in that waffley brain of yours...

    your friend,
    red dirt mule

  2. Yes, birthplace of my hero Richard Nixon, who advanced not nearly so far in impeachment as intern defiler Bill Clinton did.

    Yorba Linda (pretty Yorba? Yorba the Greek?) is also the site of his library and his bones.

    I come, though, not to praise Caesar, but to thank you for your pictures of Whitby. I remember you also reminding us of Bram Stoker's connection to Whitby. I can't explain, exactly, why that should seem somehow connected to Richard Nixon. I certainly hope him not undead.

    And Tricky Dick to Moby Dick, also unexplainable yet surely apropos as well, in some convoluted way.

    Lastly, thank you for your explanations about the habits of pubs and pub-goers. You are now my official authority. You speak from obvious experience, and I shall listen to you from now on. The honor of official explainer of pub customs to Americans will probably not be accompanied with any sort of tangible badge or award. You understand.

    Taking no chance that you may miss the dripping sarcasm, I wish to assure you the Nixon was not my hero. Although he certainly did much more for my battered country than Billy Boy ever did. May HIS bones rest someday in Northern Ireland where they seem to like him.

  3. PubStory here, Max:

  4. back to school knives... yes it makes sense. what?

  5. I carry a knife at work. Three year olds can be very dangerous!


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