Friday, 26 September 2008

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Get Back In The Bath.......

The Real Tuesday Weld:- Cloud Cuckoo-Land.

Followed by "Bathtime in Clerkenwell"
(I have posted this one before, but it was a long time ago....)

Yes, I know it looks as though the titles make more sense transposed... Ask Tuesday, not me. She was once married to Dudley Moore.
Oh... No, that was the OTHER Tuesday Weld.

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  1. wow! synchronicity - i just received a plumbing joke in an email .... and i found Captain Ahab fishing around in a few blogs - and i told them i thought i had spotted the good ship Albatross today....

    maybe it's your bath water ???
    stick to drinking tea would be my advice!

  2. Aharrr!

    Thar she blows!!!!!

    Arr, Arr.

  3. RDG, not many people associate Captain Ahab with plumbing, although it is pretty clear from the text of Ishmael's account that it is Ahab to whom the crew appeal when the shower drain is blocked. Scholars have long been searching for the lost chapter on the whale-oil central heating system fitted in later vessels, Also the chapter in which Ahab surfaces, triumphant, towing the defeated and bloody whale is curiously missing from later books. This explains why Schwarzenegger, Stallone et al. never played him.

    Tony, I've been sampling it via Tuesday's website.
    Did you buy it on vinyl?
    I hate little silver discs.

  4. RDG OH, and i almost forgot... the ship, the one you referred to... Mv Albert Ross, not Albatross, it's a factory ship with freezer holds, currently under contract to an Ukrainian trawler-fleet, big on breaded cod fillets, I understand.

  5. It's red dirt mule to you, ASSam man!

    I'm pleased to read that the men of the good ship Pequod managed to pee in the shower drain rather than pollute our pristine oceans. If anyone could make the intellectual and metaphorical connection (besides myself, the originator of said brilliance)to plumbing - well, i grudgingly concede it would be you!

    As for the good ship Albatross - I must disagree. Last I heard it had been dismantled with a significant part of it hanging around some poor man's neck.

    My advice to him: stay away from water. Especially bath water!

    kiss, kiss!


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