Sunday, 20 July 2008

Homemade Jamz Blues Band.

Just happened across these guys via the magic of the internet...or Bifurcated Rivets...
Bifurcated posts a delicious selection of "eclectica for epopts". So if you're an epopt short of some eclectica, a visit might be of worth.
The Homemade Jamz Blues Band is a trio of siblings in Tupelo, Kyle, age 14, Taya, 9, and frontman Ryan, 16... So it's a kids band, yeah?
Nope. Not at all, It's a blues band. For people who like to listen to the blues.
Rather than post a youtube... Here's a couple of links, one to their "Myspace" site, listen there...
Oh... and check out their myspace friends-headed by BB King, I see Taj Mahal there, Eric Clapton... Alicia Keys...
Also see them at NPR, and listen to more tracks.
They are in demand, a notable tour schedule... Chicago, Canada, Switzerland, they're good.
And their drummer is nine years old!


  1. Hey Souby, if you get to go see John Matall on the last of his tour over there this week, stop in and see his lead Guitarist, Buddy whiittington...he's a good friend of mine...tell him i sent you!

  2. Bullet Holes in the Mailbox says you are making a wind powered generator .... maybe the picture on your blog is it?
    I'm still pondering the duck generator. A whirlygig duck is supposed to generate electricity which makes the duck quack and the eyes flash..... the quacking and eye flashing is not supposed to happen too frequently ..... randomly .... every 30 minutes or hour or so.
    Quack, Quack!

  3. damn Souby! Those kids are cookin' with gas! The oldest one is 15? Wow!


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