Monday, 16 June 2008

Some Random Pictures of Scotland

Because I've had a very tiring and annoying day at work, I'm looking at my pics file from a holiday , north and west coast of Scotland.
It was, when I was a child, our family holiday destination each summer, my father had friends there, an unshakeable, forever friend he'd lived through a war with, survived captivity with. I learned a lot about friendship without realising it.

No captions yet. I'll add to them, attempt to caption them if it seems necessary, that depends on who comes here and asks.

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Boggler is annoying me with not accepting my pics. no time to investigate, must go to work.


  1. No captions needed. I'll have to post some of my photos from Arbroath on the east coast of Scotland. They're the old-fashioned kind so I'll have to scan them which usually takes me about six months. I also have a picture of the "Electric Brae" roadsign but I didn't take that picture. A old friend of mine named Frank Gordon gave it to me.

    Nice photos, the ones that uploaded successfully.

  2. Beautiful without doubt and really no captions necessary. It would be nice if the empty boxes were filled eventually.

  3. Thanks, Dave,
    They're from a trip I did with my brother a couple of years back, an open-top car, no particular plan, it was the most relaxing holiday I've ever had.
    Please do post your pics if you get time between the phiosophy of mower spindles and the lure of the kayak!
    One of my regular blogvisits is,
    Nothing to do with Arbroath...
    What were you doing there?
    Didja try Arbroath Smokies?

  4. A:- thanks too, I sometimes think captions get in the way, glad to hear two views that agree with me...
    I intend to add a few more pics, then delve in and try delete those rogue boxes. But my grasp of html is very limited so I might screw it all up.

  5. Hey there! I was looking back at unnoticed comments from the last 3 weeks, and pop! There you were!
    Thanks for visiting Pottersblog, I shall have to hang around here and see what you folks are up to.

  6. Beautiful. My favorite place in all the world, I think.

  7. Gary, You've persuaded me to do a potters post.... I think.... because, on reading your blog I'm reminded of so much that I loved about making things with clay, water, and fire.
    And I'd almost forgotten the ummm
    erotic aspect of it, and the way.......
    Oh well, I'm going to be a shameless bloglifter, and post that Ghost sequence you showed.. And link to your blog too, though I think only about seven people ever come here.
    (I'm exaggerating, but my readership is not exactly mass-media).
    I like your pots and your glazes... and that lovely blue wooden house... and the dog!
    It reminds me that I'm "doing it wrong"
    I was a better potter than I was a businessman, which is why I'm not a potter now. But my hands long to work clay, which they can do without the help of my head.

  8. Deb: Congratulations are in order, I see!
    Yes, Scotland is beautiful, though not always as calm and gentle of weather as my pics suggest.
    I was tempted to just stay there. Apparently workers in building trades are in short supply, so i might even have been able to avoid starvation.
    One scottish quote.. "Aye, we have a beautiful view. So what?
    Ye canna eat the f*****g view."


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