Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Watch out, Homeland Security....

Henry Koerner. Office of War Information poster, no. 63. 1943. 28 x 20.

Neighbours a bit chubby?
Report them, they may be hoarding fats for some unspecified reason. Call the free number and have them picked up them as soon as possible.
Be vigilant. Watch out for unlicensed liposuctionists. They may be plotting the downfall of our society.
Take waste fats to your friendly local Meat Dealer. The Meat Dealer will turn them into explosives in a government authorised process. Your lard is vital for the nation's safety.

Stop Press:-Donate your excess ankle-fat.
"People admire dainty ankles"

Housewives and butchers all over the country were mobilized to collect cooking fats for conversion to explosive ingredients.

One pound of waste fat equalled 1/10 of a pound of glycerine.

1/10 pound of glycerine equalled 1/5 of a pound of nitroglycerine.

1/5 of a pound of nitroglycerine equalled 1/3 pound of gunpowder.

1/5 of a pound of nitroglycerine equalled ½ pound of dynamite.

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  1. It is absolutely vital that this sort of information is broadcast to the four corners of the Thames Valley. I will make sure it is. I salute you, cordially yours Mrs Pouncer


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