Saturday, 17 May 2008

Tactical Bikes?

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  1. or maybe two bikes parked next to each other ....?

    but then again, who am i to uncomplicate things for you?

  2. At first glance it struck me as ironic that the cops were advertising for a gun manufacturer on their bikes.
    I had no idea Smith & Wesson made bikes for cops.

  3. Rdg, can't you see the tactical parking? How one is set for straight ahead and one for a pincer move?
    Mind you, they're aimed toward a window, but...

    The point was indeed the Smith and Wessonry. More ironic, when you consider they're in England, where most cops don't carry guns.
    Where they do, they're unlikely to be S&W, more likely Heckler and Koch semi-automatics.. airport police for instance.

    I was intrigued by the branding of the bike. I mean, am I to believe that a major U.S. handgun manufacturer has gone over to building bikes?
    Or do they just label up an existing bike and sell it on.
    what I found out is that S&W have a big range of bikes for law enforcement, military/security work. They have silent running freewheel hubs so they can creep up in stealth mode!
    Our local cops seem to be using bike patrols a lot more recently, around here there are a lot of paths, narrow alleyways etc where a car can't follow, and these bikes can.
    And the city centre has bike paramedics too. can get to patients faster than an ambulance, as they can bypass traffic jams, race down pedestrian areas, through shopping malls etc.
    And stabilise, for instance, heart attack patients before the ambulance arrives.

  4. The idea of cops on bikes just doesn't seem very intimidating. hehe.

  5. Yeah, the assholes at Smith and Wesson have pretty much had to make bicycles, handcuffs, and waterboards for law enforcement agencies ever since they sold out to the Clinton administration in 2000. Their gun business has never recovered. We'd all be better off without so many guns, at least as far as I'm concerned, but better to have those guns in the hands of citizens that in the hands of overzealous American cops.

    Damn, Soub, you've been busy!

  6. obviously, i'm not into guns or their manufacturers .... and it isn't ironic at all to see gun advertisements on cop bikes ... we have cop bikes all over .... heck we have mounted police all over - i bet the horses have smith & wesson saddles .... who cares??

    i'm more concerned about the handguns found in lockers at my kids' junior high school ....

    especially since that's where i will be working next year.


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