Monday, 21 April 2008

Going Camping?


  1. I love camping but it's difficult finding a large enough field around here.

  2. There is a photo that you posted a while ago of a guy being stabbed by a high heeled shoe. Where did you get it? Is it ok if I wanted to use it as a header?

  3. Minx... I am this weekend. Going to a Land Rover trial, and am required to be busily doing vehicle safety inspections at nine a.m on sunday morning. Easiest way of doing that is to spend the night at the competition site. that way I get up at umm as late as possible and start scrutineering with a bacon sandwich in one hand. it works for me.
    DMG... You have a mower... and can hire a chipper. I'll bet you could make a space!
    Kelly. Confession time: I stole it and can't remember where from. Google image search, random blogs...I've seen it in various places, so it's out there. I can't give you permission, because it is not mine, but on the other hand I can't tell you not to use it.
    It's up to you, and your conscience.... Will you be able to sleep at night?

    I'll be fine if you do steal it. Really...I mean, I'll sob pitifully for a while, then cry myself to sleep, but after a week or two, I'll dry my eyes, and try to put on a brave smile.

  4. hahaha!

    I think I will sleep just fine. Just don't sell me out! ;-)

    Do you need a tissue?


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