Thursday, 10 January 2008

Um... Yes... um...

I'm back. Haven't quit yet.
Happy new year.
Yes thank you, I did.

I'll think of something to say eventually.

Oh. Yes.
Whilst randomly browsing and stumbling I keep bumping into sites where self proclaimed 'experts' on blogging tell me how to do it, how to drive traffic to my site etcetera.

Firstly: There is NO SUCH THING as an expert on blogging.
The act remains undefined, and each of us can interpret it in our own way. There is no right and no wrong way. Affirm your right to the anarchy of the internet, refuse to be ruled and fooled.
Yes, I have to obey certain protocols, or blogger will delete me. Pzzzzzzt!!!
But that's it.
Traffic to my site?
Why should I want thousands of visitors?
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes, the 'expert bloggers' are driven by revenue generation, adsense, and the like.
Well this is not a money seeking enterprise.
For money, I do 'work'.
I'm not sure what this is. I only started a year ago. Ask me in ten years time. Not work anyway.
If it was work I'd feel obliged to post every day, respond to comments instantly and give value for money. As it is, I post when I feel like it, respond to comments if I remember to, and give?
Who knows?
I'm no judge of my content.
I just post whatever comes to mind and hope you..... (mythical reader) enjoy at least some of it.
I do like a little dialogue occasionally, and have encountered persons I may never meet, but nonetheless think of as friends, through this medium.
Regular visitors are a select bunch, some of them communicate occasionally, others?
Well there's somebody who keeps coming back to the same post, from Australia..... Buy the record, dammit!
And somebody in Ulan Bator who likes poetry.
I picture you as living in a ger, and dressing like Genghis Khan..... whilst surfing the internet on your satellite connected laptop.


  1. the traffic comes, eventually.

    truly said, there is nothing like an expert on blogging, we all make do with what we have, though the so called 'experts' have a lot to say, who cares :P


  2. What is the difference between a yurt and a ger?
    I thought that was a picture of a yurt, but I'm no expurt...

  3. Etymology and synonyms

    The word yurt is originally from the Turkic word meaning "dwelling place" in the sense of "homeland"; the term came to be used in reference to the physical tent-like structures only in other languages. In Russian the structure is called "yurta" (юрта) from whence the word came into English.

    In Kazakh (and Uyghur) the term for the structure is kiyiz üy (киіз үй, lit. "felt home"). In Kyrgyz the term is "boz üý" (боз үй), literally "grey house", because of the colour of the felt. In Mongolian it is called a ger (гэр). Afghans and Pakistanis call them "Kherga"/"Jirga" or "ooee". In Pakistan it is also known as gher (گھر).

    Yoghurt is something altogether different.

  4. I'll take the yoghurt and leave it at that. I'm so confused.
    And I'm certainly no expert on gers or yurts or yoghurt or blogs.

    Happy New Year anyway!


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