Thursday, 6 December 2007

Bargain Flight Tickets on Sale at Soubriquet Air


  1. Is there in flight snack service available?? a movie ?

    just curious.


  2. Hey Soub, I hate to break it to you but we Americans have already thought of this. American Airlines, United, Northwest, Southwest, Delta, they're all doing this already. The last time I was in Chicago O'hare it looked like a Rowandan refugee camp except everyone was wearing parachutes.

  3. Yes, RDG, the inflight snacks are served out of the cockpit window...
    hold tight though, the peanuts are often mistaken for enemy machine-gunnery..........

    Dave, how generous.. Parachutes!
    Soubriquet air issues back-packs full of surplus laundry. They look and feel much the same, but are cheaper. So far, nobody has returned to complain.

  4. Yeah, I remember when I flew helicopters in the Army. One time I was flying inverted with a sling load. I couldn't see my instruments because all my air medals were dangling in front of my face. Then, all of a sudden an RPG came from nowhere and knocked out my tailrotor. I ejected just fine but I had no parachute. All I had was a silkworm and a sewing needle. Boy was I busy!


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