Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Grit In The Gears

The Internet Anagram Server: via Red Dirt Girl, via Princess Haiku

Grit In The Gears:-

Retreat Sighing
Eager Thirsting
Targeting Heirs
Earthing Tigers
Garter Nighties
Hat Registering
A Greeting Shirt
A Tighteners Rig
Greasing Her Tit

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  1. So do you have to spend some time teasing her grit first or do you go straight to greasing her tit? That's bold! Your name is an anagram gold mine. The best I came up with was "raged mass vows." I guess I'll take what I can get. You could grease my mower if you wanted to?

  2. Hmm Dave, I must say, you've gone straight to the nub of the matter there.
    Obviously grit teasing.
    But never until the tigers have been earthed.
    And the garter nighties have to come off before the tit is greased.

    Well, can't stand about chattering, I must go register my hat.
    Ooops! would you mind just tightening my rig for me?, as I retreat, sighing?
    So, your mower?
    What size grease-nipples does it have?
    Do I bring my clamp-on "Tecalemit" gun?
    Or the air operated slide-on button-nipple one?
    Maybe just the stubby little brass push-plunger?

    Tit-greasing is easier. "one size fits all".

  3. Garter Nighties has distinct possibilities. Can we have a picture , please?

    And erm, who's tit?


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