Saturday, 6 October 2007

Semiotic Confusions

A music video, from Poland, by Masala Soundsystems, featuring DJ Spox, Cinque G (Mista Pita, Pan Duże Pe), Yerba Mater, Lakszmi.

It's a mashup of Bollywood movie style, with influences of jamaican reggae, ragga, bhangra, hip-hop, tuvan throat-singing, oh and more besides, roti-scratching even. All from Poland.
I'm not sure how I happened across it, it's out there on other sites, though...

Here it is:


Comments please....


  1. another example of why i despise youtube .....5 minutes to buffer the stream .....which feels like eternity and probably is for some poor creature that has a life span of 2.5 minutes ....

    once i waded through the semiotical murk, i yawned. oh, nothing to do with you. just that i'm really sleepy right now ....

  2. Quite right, RDG, It was a lot of turgid nonsense, so I edited the post down.... I suppose I could take out the videos too, for clarity.
    I can't do anything about your computer's neanderthal speed though. I'd suggest more coal in the firebox, and close the steam regulator a little.

  3. Thanks for clearing the murk for me. I figured I was just Lost in Translation... though the yawning occurred during the wait for the buffering i believe ....

    And I do appreciate your technical suggestions; however, I can't do anything about my computer's neanderthal speed. I just discovered someone or something has been throwing rocks at it all day .... might be part of my speed problem.

  4. Is "Roti-Scratching" semiotic for what I think it mean?

  5. No, Steve, you are thinking of Pappadum tweaking - a completely different Balti game.

    Thanks, Mr Soubriquet, sort of weirdly, strangely, oddly alluring in a moderny kind of way. I do love the surreality of all the 'ollywoods' though, especially Dolly and her twin peaks.

  6. RDG, I will email you some extra coal. Macs hate rocks.Chuck coal at it too.
    You may find your internet pipe is partially blocked by nasty goop. A plumber could fix that.
    Steve, between you and me, roti scratching is a sign of something nasty.
    bathe the rotis in chili sauce for immediate relief.
    Minx, good idea.... I have pappadums in store.... might just order in a Kashmiri Balti Murgh. yumyum.


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