Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Just a thought...

Red Dirt Girl left a comment on my pic of a chariot of fire, a burning bicycle, that
it thus means Elijah went heavenward on a burning bicycle, and Jesus may return on one. Quite a thought... I thought he might come back on his horse.


  1. What an amazing dreamy post and the last that I am reading tonight. Heading to Zland.

  2. I have visions of the Horsemen in Revelations clapping coconuts Monty Pythonesque style...

  3. Princess!
    New Zland or Old Zland?

    Trollop...That's a bit scary... the low budget apocalypse...instead of plague, we all get a bad cold?

  4. nahhhh - i love horses. why make them fly out of the sky flaming with raging deities on their backs ??

    i'm sticking with the flaming bicycles .... all the way .... gives new meaning to the idea of sitting on the hot seat!!!


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